Sunday, March 25, 2007

Neighborhood Round Robin 2007

My stitching for this RR. Design is from LK Summer, Friendship. Added some french knots to the window's flowers. This RR will take about a year of 2 month stitchings in between rotation.

I am aiming for an overall oval look so I still have to stitch my welcome gate when this comes home. InshaaAllah. Flosses used are mostly variegated DMC and some DnT overdyes.

Surprise Me MA

For Angie in Indiana, USA.

Angie had been ill and thus, my exchanged MA was late. Hope to see it arrived safely. Will post picture when received.

Valentine/Redwork MA

For Jean in USA.

In exchange, Jean sent me those stamps!

My MA collections

These are the MAs that I had collected so far. Love them all!

Mail arts

Mail arts are basically stitched envelopes. You picked a design for the theme, finished it into an envelope and mailed with some good glued-on stamps.
Margaret's Valentine/Redwork MYS exchange (front). Design is a freebie from Bent Creek.

Oh no!

This is what happened when you left all your stash items unattended! I was upstairs and I left my digicam downstairs on the table. The magnifier of course was attached to my 'stitching' table.
I must say that this is an instant weight-gain for Fahim..LOL!

And this is the master mind behind this all..

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Croc shoes

Don't ask me why, but I love seeing these croc shoes on little children. Adorable! And they don't come cheap either. Balqis loves them! She can put them on easily on her own! She told me so.

4-patch pincushion

My exchange to Lillie. In return, I received this lovely one from Zalita.

My exchange to Lillie.

A day at the zoo

The last time when I was at this zoo, I was only 12 years old on a school holiday trip. I never knew that there are so many celebrities at the Zoo now.
Who? Well, do you know Simba the Lion King, or K-U-Z-C-O the llama in Emperor's New Groove? And they couldn't wait to meet Pingu the penguin! (His place being the among the last of the zoo round). They even had fun naming who's who for the animals and got on the ride with Thomas even though it's actually being towed by a tractor. :-)
Overall, it was a good trip. The kids couldn't stopped telling the others how they were being water-sprayed by the elephant during one of their dance routines. And about the time when they took picture with the orang utan, or how the tenok snored during his sleep, or seeing only the hippo's back in his deep pool or getting excited seeing the leopard jumping onto the top of the roof of his shelter!
If you are going to the zoo, I advise you go there during the evening. The animals are much more active then.