Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Theme of the day

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Farewell party for Hassan and year-end get-together.

You are invited to a tea party today 24thDec at Test Room at 5pm.

Life is sometimes like driving at a traffic light junction. Sometimes you have a smooth driving at a green light, sometimes you have to stop at a red one. And sometimes you have to rush out at a yellow one. Even if you are an observer like a tree beside the traffic light, aim to be a green and a tall one.

For your new age onwards, we wish you a very 'Volkswagen' year for 2010, cool, classy and rich! Do appreciate beautiful things in life even if it is a small one...

See you there. There will be pizza, pudding, potato salad, some kueh and tea. Maybe something extra, so please adjust your lunch accordingly. :-))

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Hmmm..looks yummy, but wait till 5pm to taste..

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Year-end Celebrations

Happy Holidays 2009
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The office held a year-end bowling party. 'Bowling with a twist'.
Not your usual bowling competition, but our team won 4th placing. Each member got 2 rm5 McD vouchers (thus the 2 prosperity burgers in my last post, hahaha).

Jazzercise studio had a Xmas/year end party last night too. As well as to celebrate Christina's birthday. Though not many turned up but we had a good time anyway. Talking and compensate that night class's worth of sweat. LOL! Time for gifts and prizes.

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My goodies of the night..a 2009 FitClub tshirt (80 classes achieved), a Jazzercise towel (minimum 6 classes in Dec), a tag holder (Q&A), a manicure set (7 or more classes)

The birthday cake
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The birthday cake..from this

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to this much..

Elisha's 1st xmas
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Luckily, she slept on..while we talked and talked and ate..

12 Days of Fitness - Dec09

12 Days of Fitness - Dec09
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Personal Wellness - Dec

Body weight - up by almost 2 kg! Yikes...
Body fat - up by 0.3..see above
Water index - less by 0.3..not good ni
Muscle Index - up by 0.7
Physical Rating - 3 (solidly built) Down by 3..
Calorie - up..more muscles the more calorie you need, that means your metabolic rate is actually higher (according to my teacher la)
Metabolic age - same as last month (phewww!..lucky me...)
Bone Mass 2.6 - same as last month (sad to hear that a friend died of joint cancer last night..)
Visceral Fat - 8, up by 1..not good ni..

Let's see what I had been doing wrong in December.

-10 classes..mostly in early days of the week as I had been travelling to TGG during the mid-month weekends.
(classes not consistent).
-Been having too many nasi dagang, nasi kerabu and nasi ulam kuah singgang during those travel days! wonder all the weight gained. I hadn't mentioned about the 2 prosperity burgers in a week! Double yikes!!
-When you are out of your comfort zone, you tend to forgot to drink more water..
-Lack of good, restful sleep
-Eating habit changed. When you eat while you are hungry, you tend to eat more..

You see, I put myself on the scale before class began. You can imagine what will happen if I weighted myself after class like usual as we had a Xmas/year end party last night at the studio. LOL!

Time to catch up in January..

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hexagon etui

hexagon etui
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Etui = decorative box. This one in particular is meant for my sewing things. I finished this one when I was at the Penang retreat.

When you open the lid, this is the view with the strings tied. You have a choice of doing a pincushion center (which I haven't finished the sewing yet) or this round little container to put things in.

hexagon sewing box-untied
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When you untie the strings, the hexagon sides open up like this. I am supposed to put in two pieces of felt for needles on the 2 empty sides.

hexagon sewing box-open
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When the sides are opened completely..I hope to put this on my sewing table one day..

tulip for etui
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A close-up view of the tulip ends

Wedding gift

wedding album2
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The couple happened to share the same initials and the groom did mentioned that he wanted to make something out of the Rolls Royce logo for their wedding. Thus how I got the idea for the decoration of this album cover. I copied the logo and did the machine applique.

Unfortunately, the felt doesn't stick nicely with the glue so I had to applique everything to the base cover. I am thinking that it would be nicer if I grid quilt the cover. But the idea came only after I glued on the cover to the album. Maybe next time..I wonder whose wedding is next? Hehehe

Din & Rozy, hope you like it..

wedding gift2
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A closer view.

Selamat Pengantin Baru, Rizaudin dan Rozy.

Joining the bandwagon for Zila's giveaway

zila's giveaway
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Wednesday, December 16, 2009
Copy n paste
16 Dec, 2009
Author: zilakasim | Category : free gift |

salam semua kawan2... aku ada 5 ketul coin pouch suteramas nak giveaway... syaratnyerr senang jeee.... u all kena paste my posting kat blog....akan banyak giveaway nanti bila aku balik dari ganu... shopping kat kraf2 tu... so copy this posting pastu letak comment kat banyak... insyaallah setiap yg buat copy n paste serta comment akan dapat hadiah dari zilakasim.... yg 5 komen pertama akan dapat hadiah kat atas... pastu akan menyusul hadiah yg lain........... nantikan.......

Monday, December 07, 2009

A wedding gift

Nurul Hafizah Dec09
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It's so hard finding a good, archival album here. A scrapbook album is ideal for photographs as it is archival and non-acidic, but it can be too expensive.

I love magnetic albums as you can put in photos of mixed sizes in it but the glue used is not good for photographs over a period of
time. If you noticed a picture turned yellow, check if you left it near sunlight or your album page is acidic. The best alternative is finding albums with polypropylene sleeves. Polypropylene is non PVC, but I also don't know how to differentiate them.

So this album have to make do..hope the photos will last long...

Selamat Pengantin Baru, Nurul Hafizah & Didi.

Personal Wellness Chart

Just want to share my personal wellness chart measured at beginning of this month.

Oct / Nov
Body Fat Range 36.4 / 35.7
Water Index 46.5 / 47.1
Muscle Index 39.5 / 40.2
Physique Rating 2 / 6
Calorie 1262 / 1283
Bone Mass 2.5 / 2.6
Visceral Fat 7 / 7

My body weight is still about the same as I had only been to my Jazzercise classes about 6 times in Oct (after puasa month) and 4 times in Nov due to my vacations. But my metabolic age is down by 2 years. (Don't know if I see this wrongly). See how the chart measures when your water index increases! So drink lots of water! And exercise, of course..

Here's the ideal charts...I still have a long way to go.

Body Fat Range (for my age) - healthy 25.6
Water Index 50-55%
Physique Rating 6 - normal; excellent (7-9)
Bone mass - women (50-75kg) 2.4
Visceral Fat (5-9) healthy; (1-4) excellent.

Body fat range: THis range is measured against a minimum training from 10 hours a week. Women 11-18% (So I am still OK if measured 18% less..hehe)

Muscle index: For every extra KG of muscle gained the body uses approximately 100 extra calories a day. Everybody who experiences a change in the muscle mass should monitor and adapt the calorie intake accordingly.

Physique rating: Offers the opportunity to set a desired physique rating to tailor your healthy/fitness programme accordingly. When a person increases their activity, their weight may not change but their balance of body fat and muscle may alter which will change the overall physique or body shape.

BMR: The number of calories the body needs when at rest. Understanding BMR will allow you to monitor the number of calories your body requires according to your physique and lifestyle. The more muscle or general activity you take the more calories you require. BMR decreases as the body ages.

Metabolic Age Rating: BMR starts to decrease after the age of 16/17 years old. Your Metabolic Age rating indicates at what age level your body is currently rated at. If the age is indicated higher than your actual age then you need to improve your BMR. Increasing exercise levels will build healthier muscle tissue which burn more calories, consequently improving your metabolic age rating.

Visceral Fat: Fat that surrounds the vital organs in the trunk/stomach area of the body. High visceral fat levels increases the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Lowering your visceral fat levels can stabilise insulin action substantially, reducing your risk of diabetes and other related illnesses.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Rumah Jambi

Rumah Jambi
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I love old houses, old architectures, old building...I wonder what stories go with these old houses.

Rumah lama kat kampung ni..Tak der orang duduk dah..saje suka tengok rumah, bangunan lama2 ni. Kadang terpikir gak cerita apa agaknya ada pada setiap bangunan lama ni..cerita h**tu tu tak yah cite la..

Sign board RUmah Jambi
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Baca je la

Masjid Kg Laut
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Masjid lama kat kampung. Sekarang dah ada masjid baru kat jalan besar.

Flood Nov09

Kesan banjir Nov09
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See the big log stuck at the bottom of the bridge. My brother said that the concrete bridge itself never yet been in use. All damaged. Left only old wooden bridge that can accomodate pedestrians..I have no idea what's on the other side of bridge. I don't think there's another kampung there, maybe just plantations.

Kesan banjir kat Kemaman..ada balak besar tu tersangkut kat jambatan konkrit yg blum digunakan sepenuhnya lagi. Air sungai pun masih tinggi walaupun banjir dah surut masa ni. Walaupun kampung tak ditenggelami banjir, tapi jalan2 yg menghubung tak dapat di lalui. Time ni makan sardin dan ikan kering jer...

A peek..

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Part of the decoration on a cover of an album as a wedding gift.
I will post the full picture later as I am in the process of making
another one for another wedding later this week.

I have a very limited time to be crafty at the moment, so sometimes
I have to make 2 of the same design, maybe with a slight variation..

Saje kasi intai dekorasi album tuk hadiah pengantin. Sekarang tengah buat satu lagi, jadi tak leh nk letak gambar penuh. Hilang stim nanti..hehehe
Tgh sibuk skit jadi tak sempat nk pikirkan design lain tuk album yang ke2 ni. Terpaksa buat design yg sama tapi mungkin ubah skit2 jer..

Friday, December 04, 2009

How true..

Found this on the internet..

There is this saying that women are better photographers than men because they just go out there and shoot with the camera instead of talking endlessly about shooting, and the equipment used for the job...

My opinion on this? Know your camera no matter what you use. Know how far you can take it, and how to take advantage of it's features. The camera doesn't make you a pro and the way you shoot don't make you one either.

The fact that photography brings the bread and butter on your table is what makes you a professional photographer. The results are what makes you a good or bad professional photographer. What you use for equipment, or how you use it, is very secondary to making you a pro.

Conclusion? I haven't even mastered yet the manual function of my own compact camera, so a DSLR would have to wait..but it's getting there..Maybe I should just buy the macro lens attachment to my camera?

But then again my friend said if you haven't got yourself a DSLR, how would you know how to use it? Hmmm..

Sajer je ngomel pasal impian nak beli camera SLR digital..