Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Friends Gather

Vistana's schedule
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Vistana hotel 20-22Nov in Penang. Well worth the money spent to be here. I had so much fun though it was very tiring. Every night, I was fast asleep once my head touched the pillow. LOL!

We had craft and bag making, free motion quilting, applique and
patchwork workshops there. You just take what you want to learn and pay for the kits. You can also shop for fabrics and others at 20% off! I already bought a quilting/patchwork stitch plate and a
new quarter-foot accesory for my Bernina machine, so I had to
control myself not to spend on too many fabrics. I also bought 2
bag-making kits, 1 etui sewing box kit, 1 clasp-framed coin purse, and a few applique kits featuring Sue. For those who registered, we each got an embroidered pouch kit.

Met up with so many new friends with many talented skills; among them whom I happened to know that they have blogs, Hanim and Kathy as well as my dear stitching buddies Niza, Leena (hmseen), Azie and Nik.

Corine's Chocolate Box
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There were quilts and bags on display too. For those who interested, a demo on the new
Bernina 830. Last but not least, we even had a massage session arranged at the hotel. LOL!

Seronok jumpa kawan2 yg sama minat menjahit ni. Ada kelas menjahit beg,
patchwork, applique (sulam tampal), quilting dsb. Bayar jer harga kit dan
duduk belajar. Untuk yg baru nak kenal quilting, ada kelas asas, pertengahan
dan advanced. Boleh juga membeli kain2 dan accesori pada diskaun 20%.
Ada pameran quilt, boleh juga tengok kerjatangan masing2. Ramai yang
bergaya dgn beg yg dijahit sendiri.

For more pics by Kathy's hubby, click here
Wait for more updates on finished works.
(untuk gambar2 lain, klik disini. Untuk gambar2 projek yg telah siap, tungguuu..)

Roslind's signature
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Teacher's works
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20 years of quilting experience!

Afdera's DH's work
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The quilt on the left is the work of Afdera's husband

Friendship Girl variation
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A variation of the Friendship girl quilt.

Friendship Girl's Sue
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A closer view. I love this quilt!

Another Sue on a quilt
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This Sue and the others on this quilt are actually appliqued using blanket stitch by hand by Angie's mother!

Monday, November 23, 2009

WIP - passport purse

passport purse
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Just binding, button to be done and travelling to be planned..materials cotton and binding Japanese yarn dye.

Tinggal nak jahit tepi2 tu je dan letak butang. Lepas ni kene plan nak jalan mana tuk rasmikan passport purse ni. Kain cotton tuk muka, binding dgn kain Japanese yarn dye.

So many WIPs, so little time..

Approaching PEN airport
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Yes, I have so many WIPs in hand but been away most of the weekends. November is the month for clearing out my annual leaves. Have some WIP photos to share, but they have to wait...

Banyak sangat projek yg perlu di habiskan. Tak cukup masa sebab hujung minggu selalu tak ada kat rumah..hehehe. November ni time nak habiskan cuti tahunan, asyik berjalan je..

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Gone fishing - Royal Belum, Grik

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4d3n of blissful sleep. Thankfully, the weather was good. However, the fishing was better the last time we were here.

Life's good
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See what I meant? Life's good

Autumn scene
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Sg Kenarong
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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Elisha with her new quilt

elisha with her new quilt
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I asked a friend if I could buy a baby quilt with the amount of money that we collected. She said OK. On my knowledge of buying cottons and batting and sewing so far, I know that a baby quilt would cost more than that amount. So I am very grateful that she would do that
for me.

Elisha is so tiny; she has a long time to appreciate the gift..

elisha's gift3
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detailed view..

Monday, November 09, 2009


setting for quilting
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I need to remember the setting of my machine for this quilting..so
I snapped this..

Senang skit nak ingat setting mesin..

quilted front/back
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So I continue quilting..nice rows eh? Just set the needle position and
quilt away..Wait! The teacher was saying something. All I can remember was 10x5 and 10x5 and something longish and squarish drawn on the back of the sticky note.

Jahit dan jahit lagi...Untuk garisan yang selari, letak jarum di posisi
yang betul dan gunakan tepi tapak mesin sebagai panduan..Cikgu pesan apa entah, yang ingat cuma 10x5 dan 10x4. Kat nota ada terlukis petak panjang..

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I drawn my first x5 square..wait, this pencil is too thick..I can't get an exact thin line on my drawing..wouldn't it be easier if I just cut it straight away? In anyway, a cutter has a thinner blade..so I cut away the rest. Exactly 12x4 and 10x5

Dah lukis petak x5 yg pertama, pensil tu tebal sgt garisannya..tu yang trus potong jer sebab bila potong pakai rotary cutter, tak der garisan dan petak tu memang boleh ngam2 x5...

fold and layer pockets
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Duh! What the teacher want was actually a drawn rectangle so that it can be folded like this! What a waste of interfacing..

Hehe..teruk kene perli..apa yg cikgu nak..lukis petak2 tu supaya senang bila nk lipat macam ni! Rugi je kain interfacing..

Don't leave home without it..

hand works
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My late mother used to say that my stitchings are like a milk bottle to a child. Never leave home without it. LOL! This was what I brought with me to Penang last weekend. A stitching project, a hand sewing project and my reading glasses.

Arwah mak kata macam budak kecik bawak botol susu kalau tgk apa yang dibawa setiap kali berjalan..hehehe Tak sah kalau boent kereta tak penuh dgn barang2 kraf atau mesin jahit etc...

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This is what I managed to complete..my first hexagon flower.

Ni yang siap..

Craft fair.. or a sewing retreat

craft fair MEL
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There was a plan to attend this craft fair but due to H1N1, everything was cancelled. Thankfully, there will be a sewing retreat in Penang next week. An opportunity to meet up with fellow sewing enthusiasts and to learn new skills. And I am really looking forward to it!

Ada plan nak pergi MEL utk craft fair tapi disebabkan H1N1, semuanya tak jadi. Alhamdulillah, next week orang Penang adakan 'sewing retreat'..ada kelas menjahit bag, patchwork dan free motion quilting. 3 hari untuk menjahit dan mencuba benda baru! Bukan senang nak berkumpul dgn orang2 yang sama minat menjahit ni..

Elisha's full moon

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Elisha Danielle is a month old today. This is our gift for her. Will present it to her mother today at Jazzercise@DJ. Will post a full picture once she gets this...

Hadiah untuk Elisha Danielle, umurnya satu bulan hari ni. Nanti akan letak gambar penuh bila Elisha dah terima ni.

Autumn scene

Autumn scene
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A friend asked to design an autumn scene with 'Mohabatein' leaves and tulips for her diary cover. THis is my initial sketch. It took me a while to understand that Mohabatein part..hahaha

Lakaran awal utk diary cover. Kawan tu nak bunga tulip dan daun Mohabatein..rupa2nya gambaran musim luruh..hehhee

Tuesday, November 03, 2009


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Another 1/3 and backstitch, this will be done!

Monday, November 02, 2009


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My first try on stippling. Still a lot to practice.

"stippling' corak yg paling asas dalam free-motion quilting. Masih perlu praktikal dgn lebih lagi..