Monday, August 26, 2013


Both dated 30th October, 2011. Lizzie Kate's My Secret Garden (top) and the last of the Seasonal Baskets' Autumn (bottom). It was such a depressing feeling stitching that light brown brick stone wall..I think for the Autumn Basket, I am missing some flosses.

Wave bag

Wave bag. I don't quite like the slanted side of this bag. Would prefer to have a straight one. But I like the zipped closure of it. I think this is the reason why I took the lesson to make this bag.

Wishlist: Fujifilm Instax Mini 90

A wishlist in the making. Still have about 6 months or more to save. Definitely going to sell my current Instax Mini 50 to partly pay for this one! Scheduled to be released in the US in Spring 2014 for about USD210. Will be sold in Japan starting September for Yen20,000.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

How to take a selfie.


Found this little fella inside one of my old cross stitch magazine...he's going to be cute!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Cable tidy

Leftover lycra fabric pieces sewn into a tube to organize cables for smartphone, GTab, ipod and Kindle. No wonder sometimes it felt like having a suitcase with wheels for the office. Lol!

Of other creative things...

I may not be stitching during the blog is dead to the world..but that doesn't mean that I was not being creative. Here are some examples. Some stage designs for our Jazzercise studio to mark some event or occassions. This one was last year's Hari Raya/Merdeka day. The draft and the final design. Not my best works..

WG backdated pic

WG as of 12Aug 2012. Found this pic in my phone gallery. Lucky there is Blogger app available as my phone is dead to other thing than itself. No wifi or bluetooth. It's charging itself only when switched off.

Building up a watergarden

It started one day last year when my next door neighbor renovated his house. It was during the fasting month and I had so much time to stitch as I didn't opt to teach my Jazzercise class during fasting much.
I can't yet afford to renovate my house, so I thought I build something on my own instead...

Started this in 2003. Here's the earliest picture that I can find. After 11 hours of stitching date 3rd August.

Next progress was dated on 14th January 2006. After a while, I must thought it wasn't worth it to track the hours of stitching any more. LOL!

And last year 2012, it started to roll... I would stitch on this every once in a while if I had time to spare. Exclusively.. this was dated 29th August 2012.