Monday, January 23, 2006

Charity Day at RTK

I missed the days when we had Kem Penyayang with BPKC. It was a good thing that I am able to do this again with these friends of mine. ANd thanks to those who had made this possible. They did the gotong royong cleaning up the place and the kids had coloring contests and games.

I would had loved to do more but somebody had to mind the smaller kids..

A second home

Due to the long commute everyday to work, I have long for an apartment in the city. But it would take a lot more time to see that materialises..for the time being, I have this great views from my timeshare apartment's windows. We had an early morning gathering in KL so I booked myself an apartment out of my entitlement. My first time at the Legend Hotel and Apartments.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

I am FLYing!!

I found this great site through my routine of reading other stitchers' blogs. It looks like a good reading (I haven't read it all yet, just the intro paragraph) for an unorganized person like me..hehehe.

"To help Families get organized. We will establish new habits and develop daily routines!No Whining allowed.

One more comment from a Dear Friend of mine:"This is FlyLady's little list that has grown by leaps and bounds due to her special way of weaving housecleaning tips with homespun humor and daily musings about life. She has a no-nonsense approach to getting your house and your life in order. She mixes housekeeping advice with insights about life and love and anything else that is on her mind. This list is whatever FlyLady decides it should be -- it's her list. She expects subscribers to decide if they get anything out of it or not. Those who do are invited to be part of the cyber family. Those who don't are encouraged to unsubscribe. Only you can decide what is right for you. If you can't figure that much out,don't blame FlyLady!"

Let's meet the FLYlady.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

2005 Report card

Had uploaded some pictures of finishes in 2005. Some pictures are still not there. Too lazy! In anyway, 2005 was not a good stitching year for me. I still have some of my stash in boxes and they are unorganized at my new home. The earlier reason of not stitching was because of no proper place to sit and stitch! LOL! In a way, it was true. I had to crank up my head to watch the TV while stitching on the floor.

2006..i intend to have a stitching corner for myself and buy shelves for my books and my stash. Maybe more framings done for some of the old finishes. I also had reorganized the albums. WIPs are to be featured here in my blog. I will keep the albums for those that I had finished. Am thinking of doing more exchanges too. Had missed receiving things in my mailbox. To learn more finishing techniques too!

Check this link for pictures.

Friday, January 13, 2006

W.I.Pping it out..

WIP=work in progress. Open New Box by JABC (Just Another Button Company) at 9.5 hours.
Chatelaine's Mini Mystery A @ 19 hrs.
Just Nan Parlor Ribbons @ 11 hrs.

April glooms..

Finished on 11Jan06. I love the colors (but then I am always partial to blues..hehehe) and the motifs, see how they blend in with the design title!

Wait! I think this one is not fully finished yet. I forgot the lines underneath the wordings.

In rotation..

The other good way of finishing stitching projects is doing them in rotation. You pick the ones that you want to finish and work each one for about 10 hours or so before continue on to the next. When a project in that rotation is finished, you can add in another one.

A good place for reading about rotation

This is Chatelaine's Watergarden WIP (work-in-progress) at 54 hours.

On assignment..

DT Sanctuary of assignment 1. I am on SAL (Stitch-ALong) with another group to do this one. Stitchalongs are good motivation to finish a project. For this one, a leader will post an assignment a month, along with some tips and how-to. It's a good thing if you have questions or have difficulty in some of the stitchings to ask to the group. Someone will surely help you out.

I haven't actually finished the actual assignment. Had to venture out to other area because I am missing the NPI needed to do the paths out of the fountain. Will take some time to order one.

Fire at works!

Nope, I missed the ones they had on New Year's Eve. Had to settle problem calls and I had to cancel my plans to see one on display. Hope to get a better schedule in August. I would love to take lots of pictures of KLCC with fireworks in the background. I have a few places in mind of where I want to take them..Am aiming for 31st August!'s worth celebrating your birthday on the same day..heheh

The other night, a friend smsed me. He said my pictures of Jerangkang Waterfalls are worth getting into photo competitions! Isn't that a very nice thing to hear? Hehehe..Wait till I saved up some $$$ and get myself some telephoto and macro lenses (and maybe a wide/panorama lens too). One of the reasons why I picked up Canon Powershot A520. I wouldn't want to get into another expensive hobby, so a point-and-shoot is the next better alternative.

Picture courtesy from Internet.

May you bloom wherever you are..

Finished on 27th December. Sadly to say, I was unable to continue on my marathon for these snappers. There was no way I can finish them before the New Year begins. I had been on-call for systems coverage this December and they seemed to be lots of problems nearing the end of the year! I usually ended up sitting in front of my laptop most nights solving problems and answering/making calls than sitting down and stitch.

June zooms..

Finished this snapper on 21st December. This is one of my favorites on these snapper series. I love to travel! Whether it's a backpacking one or just a day out in the city.. they say on the Discovery Channel, adventure is within yourself, not the journey itself. I agree! I can go places I'd been before and there'll be things I missed on the last travel...

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Some branded trains..

I love going places like this... It's free! The KIDS were just there to accompany me because there is no joy and excitement of going places if you cant enjoy it with others. :-) The younger ones loved to try and stopped the trains. It's a joy to watch them when they succeeded (it happened when the trains did stop so that other trains can passed through to adjoining tracks). And for that day only, they made some new friends too, talking gibberish that somehow only they understood.

At full moon..

For the Malays, there is this event they called 'aqiqah' where a sheep was slaughtered, cooked and served to neighbors and friends to celebrate the birth of a child. For the Chinese, they have this full moon meals given away when the baby is a month old (I guess). This is the first time I came across the event. It's for my big boss's daughter. The meal consists of glutinous rice cooked with soy sauce and mushroom, some pickled ginger, roasted chicken, 2 red-colored boiled eggs (the Chinese loves red), some desserts that made of glutinous flour with bean paste inside and a cupcake. Now I am wondering what the Indians do for the birth of their child? Recently, I came to realise also that for the Chinese, an English name tdoesn't means that you celebrate Xmas!
In another thoughts, I love trying new cuisines (as long as it's halal) and for some, they cant even stand the thought of eating it!