Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Prep works

Homework for another bag on Saturday. I love the collection of these prints! This one is by Keiko Geko for Yuwa Fabric titled Three Squares. Made in Japan. Use each of the square parts, so the bag will have different square sizes on the front, bag and sides.
Do you think the cotton tape matches with the fabric? Or should I use black instead?
This is another print from the same collection. It reminds me of Macintosh Roses! This one is made into a backpack, still WIP. Only need to combine the outer and inner bag together.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Corine's giveaway

My dear teacher Corine is having a giveaway. So I am definitely joining especially when it comes to gift like the picture shown! Feel free to join in. Email if you are interested in any of her classes.
Wait till you see my bag that I had learnt from her which she will be bringing down to KL soon! (Sent it to sew in leather trimmings).

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

New artist in residence..B!

Memperkenalkan artis baru di blog ini..Balqis sedang tekun menyiapkan projeknya. Pok Kiman ada training kat KL, jadi Cik Dah n the gang turun sekali hujung minggu tu.

Mana boleh tengok lagi..belum siap la...!

Tarraaa! Dah siap dah. Masa ni Bee ikut Anis melukis sekali sementara nk tunggu masa nak balik ke Kemaman tengahari tu. Bee dan famili datang jenguk Aki sebelum balik.

Ni hasil kerja Anis..tak tahu la samada Bee ikut theme Anis ke atau tak..lupa nak interview..

Kot2 ada orang tak tahu, tu Anis dah buat petunjuk. Lembu--->..hehehe

Bee pun tunjuk sekali la..ini kucing..

Monday, July 05, 2010

All in a stack

Finished some plain totes for a friend.
Somebody came back from Russia and gave ne this matryoska or nested Russian dolls. Love it!

The smallest one peeking out..

Bought some Japanese prints those little kimono ladies! Matryoska is also a favorite among Japanese kawaii prints but so far I haven't found one yet. Maybe soon.. Kawaii literally mean 'adorable' or 'adorable', or cute in Japanese.
Would love to collect kawaii prints and Japanese linens!

Bags in the making

It has been a long time since I had been to a bag making class. This is a WIP picture of one bag where I learned how to sew on a piping. This bag is finished and currently awaits its return..(its leather trims need to be sewn by special machine!).

This is another bag that I had recently finished. This mini bag has curved piping. Materials used are japanese linen and yarn dye fabrics.

Learned how to make this invisible zipped back pocket..

Nice little feet!

And inside pocket..

Still need to attach the latch and some grommet to hold its handles. Haven't decide on the handles yet.

Mini key fobs & giveaways

Mini key fobs with personalization with alphabets from my machine.
And some giveaways below for Jazzercise @ DJ 2nd anniversary.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

A watery experiment!

To test out the iron-on vinyl. The interfacing had already been ironed-on to the bag pieces and I want this bag to be as water resistant as possible (a backpack for my laptop). So I tested a piece of vinyl to see if it sticks to the interfacing. See the shiny part..that's the vinyl square ironed onto the intefaced fabric. So far, it sticks good! Now for the ultimate test!

I poured out my leftover coffee to the other side of my vinyl patch (don't want to bag to be outside-shiny, so I ironed it on the inside. Think of it like a laminated fabric or good sub for oilcloth. Feels like a fabric being double-interfaced).

Flipped it up and notice that I had forgotten about the interfaced part. So I poured some on that part. See top right coffee patch.

Flipped up again! And voila! You can see that coffee seeped through fabric and interfaced fabric but not the part where the vinyl is..see the square trace on the tissue paper.
Iron-on vinyl are available in 17" width and sold by meter. Email for inquiry.