Saturday, October 31, 2009


I would love to own one of these..jellyrolls. Pic from FatQuarterShop.

Friday, October 30, 2009

WIP - MP village scene

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@3.5 hours since last update.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Painted the house white!

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MP_WIP Oct09

Put the clothes into the washing machine - checked.
Turn on the TV. CSI is on - checked.
Turn on the working light - checked.
Pick up a (by hand) project and do - cross stitch!

No matter there is still some clothes in the laundry basket waiting to be folded. :-)

Buat cross stich semalam, warna putih utk dinding cottage ni sementara menunggu mesin membasuh kain. Walaupun..masih ada kain yang perlu di lipat. Hehehe..

Monday, October 26, 2009

Sewing box updates

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Finished all the stitchings. Next to sew on the handle and decide on what to put inside.

A pouch in progress..

Sue_machine applq2
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Another Sue but this one was machine-appliqued to be finished as a quilted pouch. Use Japanese yarn dyed fabrics for pouch, and cotton for Sue motifs. Pictures shown front and back of pouch.

Mek Su lagi..sulam tampal pakai mesin jahit. Ni nak jadikan beg kecil.

Needle Threader from Clover

Needle Threader
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A very useful item when sewing by hand. You slot in the needle eye, slide your thread tightly and press the lever. The second picture shows how the needle is threaded into the eye.

Alat untuk mencucuk benang ke jarum. Walaupun mahal skit harganya, tapi amat berguna kepada mata2 yg sudah agak kabur..hehehe.

First hand applique

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My first hand applique piece. Next to quilt the flower and the background and may turn this piece to a quilted bag.

Bunga masa belajar sulam tampal jahitan tangan. Selepas ni nak 'quilt' (lapikkan lapisan span/batting) bunga. Mungkin nak jadikan beg.

Log cabin square

log cabin square
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My first log cabin square. Quilted in the ditch. Well..need some more practice since it is not quite in the ditch. LOL!

Log cabin - salah satu blok tradisi dalam jahitan quilt. Untuk dibuat kusyen pin.

A souvenir from Holland

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A friend gave me this cute pair of clogs which I want to turn into a pincushion. A sewer can never have too many pincushions!

Terompah Belanda, ole2 dari kawan. Nak buat kusyen letak pin. Terima kasih, Ina!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sneak peek 2 - Mek Sue

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Finished this last night. Took me 2+ hours. Still have some outline stitches to do, add some charms or buttons.

I love Sue or Sunbonnet Sue as it is commonly known. I guess it is due to my fascination with anything historicals..
Some links to history of Sue and history of Sue in quilt:

Suka motif mek sue ni. Biasa ah, bila buat sendiri akan lari skit dari design asal. Masih ada garis2t sulam yg perlu disiapkan dan letak 'charm' atau butang hiasan.

Today's lunch..simple pleasures

I am on a strong antibiotic medication right now, so doctor advised that I need a heavy meal before taking it in. So today, I have rice for breakfast. Packed some for lunch too..

Bekal hari ni. Nasi ngan kicap, ikan kukus yg digoreng, dan yang paling penting sambal belacan berulamkan timun kecil.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sneak Peek..WIP

hand applique
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..a scattering of hand-appliqued bobbins..It's quite a challenge to hand-applique such small designs. I still have to tackle another 2 of much more complex motifs than this..Wish me luck. Err don't ask me why the finished work does not follow the original design..

WIP=work in progress. "Kerja penyiapan sedang berjalan"..hahaha
Sulam tampal dgn jahitan tangan. Ni gambar benang. Susah ohh dgn motif yg kecil macam ni. Ada lagi dua yg kene disiapkan, yan glagi rumit. .Patut le nak jual barangan macam ni kene mahal.

stitched rr

stitched rr
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Among my last stitching done. An RR for Yasmin. Done in Drawn Thread motifs.

dinosaur park

dinosaur park
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Believe it or not..we do have dinosaur here! In Pasir Gudang.


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Personalized for a teacher's workbook cover.


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This is for my larger English paperback. I put the nametag there to cover a mistake. My niece said why 'A'?

Kadang apa yg kita nampak, tak sama ngan pandangan kanak2. Anak buah kata kenapa 'A'?


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Personalized bookcover

bento box straps

bento box straps
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Felt material on elastic strap.

Tau tak apa bento box? Ni macam tupperware orang jepun la. Banyak bentuk dan bertingkat tapi bukan tuk tapau makanan yang berair sgt. Orang Jepun kan byk makan nasi yg macam beras pulut.

Yang bagus bento box ni..isi makanannya bagus tuk orang berdiet. Sikit2 tapi byk jenis. Nantila satu hari akan post kalau2 rajin masak dan boleh bawa bekal ke ofis. heheh

B for bag

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Alphabet series. All felt materials. For other designs, click
My Webshots album

Tuk sesapa yg suka shopping tu. Untuk gambar pembalut buku yang lain, click webshots diatas.

B for books

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Bookcover from alphabet series. All felt materials.

My fav ni! Tapi dah terjual..


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Bookcover WPF series. All felt materials.

Masih ada utk dijual. Emel ye!

Sunflower/Bunga matahari

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Bookcover from white picket fence series. All felt materials.

Ada untuk dijual. Emel tuk pertanyaan.


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White picket fence series. Bookcover all felt materials.

Saiz muat untuk novel melayu. Sedikit longgar utk novel Inggeris. Muat tuk ketebalan sehingga 1 inch.

Long purse

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2 inside compartments, one zipped pouch. leather handle. Wear either as small handbag or wristlet.

Sesuai tuk kenduri atau majlis makan malam. Gambar ihsan Zila Kasim.

Monday, October 19, 2009


Don't ask me what's wrong. Everything in life is basically the same but I found myself not stitching at all. Would rather pick up a book. Occasionally I would stitch MP's cottage WIP if I have that with me during my holidays (balik kampun or otherwise). I'll post the progress later.

However, I did make some good progress on my sewing/quilting skills. I sort of promised myself that this year i'll make some time to learn creative sewing and quilting. And I did! More pictures and stories later.

So I welcome you to my newly 'painted' blog. Decide to make it as simple as possible. You know..just like paint display out your finished creativities, you need a blank (almost white or lighter color) wall. And I also decide to make my blog dual language. It has been a long time since I had written in Malay. I think my last entries in Malay were during our reports on Berita MAS for Kem Penyanyang or something.

Selamat datang ke blog lama yg dibaru kan. Ye la, nak jemput tetamu baru kene la ada bende yg baru yg nk ditayangkan? Paling kurang pun kalau orang datang rumah, air bujang kene ada yg baru dibuat. Nantikan kemaskini dgn hasil jahitan yg baru belajar dan baru disiapkan.