Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Batteries not included..

Well, I came home today and there was this courier notice. Somebody was sending me something. Unexpected. I called the courier office and went to pick it up. Well, what do you know? Compliments from Citibank Online. Must-have-been-those-first-few -customers-to-sign-in thing.

It's a wireless radio, one that I can use in the office. The headpiece is designed to wear at the back of the head. Kind of remind me of Mork and Mindy..nano..nano.. The receiver thing looks like a Mr Potato. In anyway, I've got to make it works first because the batteries are not included..

An up start..

Just Another Button kit called Open A New Box. I love embelishments on my stitching!! And there are to be lots of buttons on this one once finished.

Started in September as a travelling project (being a kit). I need a magnifier or a good lighting to work on this one..it's 34 count or something! So usually it ended up at the bottom of WIPs.

July in December..

Finished on 19Dec. BC Snappper July.

On your mark..get set..go

Finished 16Dec. BC Snapper August.

Snapper marathon..

Welcome to Snappers marathon! These are those I had finished. And more will be coming! InshaaAllah.

I have every intention to finish all these 12 charts by end of 2005. I can't promise that I can finish the borders too, but I'll try...

Seeing quads..

These are my WIPs of BC Snapper series. The original border design is grouped into 4 sets of 3 designs. I had so much fun working on this, I hadn't realised it until I was almost finished with September (I am working on this one backwards starting from December). And so it becomes a set of 4..in quads! It has been put on hold because I don't have some of the overdyed flosses needed.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

A most expensive souvenir..

When I travelled overseas, I used to buy magnets and pins as souvenirs. However, ever since I visited Cape Town, South Africa, I would visit bookstores and look for a souvenir book. This is my most recent acquisition (along with some stitching and crafts items) when I visited Perth in September'05.

And who besides me on the table this December?

Hehehe..the autograph was taken by a friend who won the meet-the-fan session during the AF2 Tour last year. In case you are wondering I had fun taking all kind of pictures with my new digital camera.

An early new year wish..

Dah lama tak kembali bersama..we all Kaeratics memang suka lepak, so last Sunday sajer buat piknik. Tak sangka Kaer sudi hadir..

Malam tu ada single baru dari Kaer "Kini" kat XFresh FM.

A home finished..

I wished that I can say the same of my own home! LOL! (I am talking about the furnishing).

This is Home kit by Trilogy. Finished in Dec'05.

A gift long due..

This is Elizabeth Designs' Climbing Rose Cottage from Just Cross Stitch mag. It went to my ex-housemate. I promised her a piece of my stitching when she moved to her new place long time ago.

Kembara untuk melihat kebesaran Allah..

Bak kata Mirwana, kembara lah untuk melihat kebesaran Allah swt.

4 tahun lalu, Jerangkang tiada kemudahan toilet seperti yang ada sekarang. Jalannya walaupun masih perlukan kenderaan 4WD sudah mudah dilalui berbanding dulu. Air terjun yang paling atas..dulu ada pantai berpasir dan kami dapat mandi dibawah air terjun, sekarang segalanya kolam yang dalam..air yang hijau kedalamannya tidak diketahui..tiada lagi pantai berpasir.

Walau bagaimana perubahan sebab alam semulajadi atau binaan manusia, semuanya atas kebesaran Allah swt.
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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

what will this be?

well, i am writing this after watching the amazing race family edition on axn. so i guess that this will be a place for some of my favorites on tv.. the csi miami is on right now, but i am not really concentrating. it does get a bit boring nowadays watching this season's csi miami. in anyway, i like grissom and mac more than i like mr h! lol!

on this amazing race 8..i would love to see the bransen wins! but then, the linz looks like the stronger one to win..well we'll see next week. let's hope i do not forget to tune in..

this will also be the place of my hobbies..travel pages, my needleworks, and maybe some scrapbook pages..oh! let's not forget my books too!

hah! csi is on...it's a repeat but it still beats all the other csi..
is that all it takes to create a place of my own on the internet?? laa..should have done it long time ago.

hi! if u r reading this, tell yrself that i am saying hi, ok? i'll be back!