Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The weather

Wishing for a clear blue sky..and no traffic jams!
Taken from the balcony of Sipadan Kapalai Dive Resort overlooking Mabul Island in May'11.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Quilted journal cover

When you are learning in class, your intention is to finish your project in class, right? So normally you would not care if you have done a beautiful job or not. This is the result of that thinking. We were to do some free motion quilting exercises and other stitches to fully utilize our Bernina machines.

While other students had their 100% cotton and designer name fabric selvages on their front cover, mine had it as "100% Japanese cotton"! (I'm cheap! LOL!)

You can see how crooked my free motion is..but I think the batik fabric have its advantages. I just quilt by following the designs, not quite an outline quilting.

It's bigger than my sewing/scribble journal but it'll do.

If I have more time for homework, I would have done it better. Like this old bag of mine.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Children hooded towels

Hooded towels for birthday gifts.
A close-up of Elisha's. I appliqued a flower to cover up the mistake in spelling. It was
wrongly embroidered as "Alisha'. And also to make up for the smaller fonts due to limited frame size.

The towels were specially packaged in its own bag.

Elisha is now 2 yo.
Ken is 1! This picture was taken by his mum during his birthday celebration at home.

Monday, October 03, 2011

Then came the UFO..

Long time not updating here..and this one is a long-overdued UFO (unfinished object). The bag was finished earlier but still need to attach the handles. Was undecided whether the handles are right for the bag. Turned out, it's perfect! The strawberry handles work perfectly with the muted country heart designs of the cotton linen. And the red Japanese yarn dye matches the red heart. Love it! The size is just perfect for my everyday office wear (it has been reduced from the original weeekender-styled size).

The side pleat. It was tough to sew on the red patch when your bag size is small..

Can this be sold? The genuine leather handles and the zipper tabs itself already cost me RM100++. Still not counting the cotton linen and the Japanese-imported yarn dyed fabric!

Monday, March 21, 2011


Don't you just love creativity in a person? This is the works of my friend. The door gift, the setting; all matched to a theme!
She found the tins at unexpected places. Made up the handle to look like a luggage. The setting consists of scrapbook pages with travel themes and maps. The 'luggage' tins used to store a personalised business card. Love it! And all the years that I had known her, her events were so much fun to attend to..

The back is actually a collage of picture printed onto a card and cut to the size.

The table setting..matched up the cake of the day..a red velvet cake!

Organizer basket

Organizer basket. Perfect for all sewing utensils. Rulers can be slotted in the largest space.

Below 2 are available for sale.

DIY Sewing/Studio

Need a place to store all my stash and books, so decided to turn one of the rooms to be a sewing space/studio. Managed only to set up the high table (for cutting etc). It is actually part of a built-in cabinet thrown away by my brother's neighbor and supported by a cluster of cheap storage selves. This side is for books and magazines.

Other side for fabrics and storage boxes.
-Still need to buy a sewing table with adjustable legs.
-Put in the fan.
-Bring in the ironing board
-Still thinking if a single bed can be brought in. But then also need a space for my Jazz practice with a wall of mirrors.

I had since bought a high chair from Ikea. And had use this room as office whenever I have to work from home.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Out with the old...

It's the new year. I had some time of sewing and decided to try out this new design of id tag. How appropriate! Little did I noticed that the plastic covering of the old id case was torn already.

It is a little too snug..forgot that I need to cater for 3 cards inside the 2 slots.

Temporary label

It would do for the moment..found the stamp at Craft Haven, One Utama. Stamped and handwritten myroz name with fabric markers.

Organizer file covers

2 styles of organizer file covers that I had done for gifts. I love the print so much that I appliqued to the organizer cover adapted from an old cover of mine. This one was meant for lucky draw during office gathering. I wanted to make one that is not overly feminine.

It was too empty so I included 2011 diary pages. The organizer has pockets for pen or handphone.

Another cover is for a female friend who I appreciated so much for supporting my love to create something...she's a tailor and she sent me numerous fabric remnants for my sewing hobby. I hope she can use this one to carry around. Who knows a person can ask to be measured for a dressmaking anytime..hehehe

The ladies of leisure..