Thursday, April 10, 2014

Ready for deliveries.

Hope that they will be happy receiving these towels.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

My Terengganu

Kuala Abang near Dungun 
Somewhere after Merchang to Dungun.
Rhu Renggeh, Chendering. The old bridge makes a very nice picture.
Pantai Pandak, Chendering.
That's my BIL who is a avid landscape photographer. 
These pictures are taken with Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Personalised embroidered towels

Some embroidered towels that I made. To order, please check my shop tab.

Baby shower gift basket

This is how I came up with the gift basket for the baby shower. Well, I should called it baby bowl since a basket is more expensive to buy. There is a cute bicycle basket included so the mommy can put little things inside. Pictures shown from the initial arrangement to how it was finally done.
All decorations consist of baby wear, wash clothes, mittens and booties. The final picture shown with embroidered towels which I will post later separately.

Snap it out!

Out of sight, so out of mind. When you haven't work with snap buttons for a while, you will forget which part goes with which tools. Many pairs of snap buttons wasted before I finally got it right. So this is just for me to refer to..

Baby blanket with minky fabric

Made this minky baby blanket for a friend's baby shower. How glad I am that this minky (or minkee) fabric is now available to purchase in Malaysia. Minky is perfect for babies. It is supersoft and smooth.

With the extra fabric, I also made up this little blanket with ribbon tags. Perfect as a play or security blanket. Babies would love to play with those tags.

Check out my shop page for ready made minky blankets available for sale soon.

Mail art: recycled plastic bottle

My friend ordered a bottle of argan oil from me. I googled on how to mail the glass bottle safely and found out a link how some unusual mails had been put into the mailbox (in the US). Among them is a mail made out of plastic bottle. This would be perfect to house a small glass bottle inside. With some padding or fillers, the plastic exterior will protect it.

On further Google-ing on how to make one, this is how it turned out. You make a window on the side and the cover it up with some decorations. It'll be fun for the recipient to guess on how to open up the packaging. Mine was just done with a sticker. 😆

Instax album cover

Elisha is 4yo now. Well, 4+ since this was made for last year's celebration. We took instant photos of the birthday girl and guests who were at the party. This album will hold in all those photos. Hope it will make beautiful memories for years to come.


Tried out this dish with my niece. Turned out good though something need to be done about the taste. A bit bland. But all were eaten; none left!


Got these chillies from Kelantan. Made chilli kimchi, 'solok lada' a chilli dish stuffed with grated coconut and boiled fish meat and pickled chillies.

New collection

These rayon threads need to have their own places soon among my overflowing stash collection. ☺

Baby things

Just a sneak peek of what I'd been doing lately.