Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Passport Organizer

Finished this UFO while watching Diana's life story on E! Hollywood Story. Today was the anniversary of her death. I remembered when it happened, I was in a camping trip to Berkelah Waterfalls in Maran. I used to have a scrapbook on Diana during school days..
UFO = UnFinished Object

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Finally, it's finished!

Well not quite. Other than the missing floss for part of the moon, the rest is finally finished during the 2nd weeks of the fasting month. Michael Powell's Mini Cottage.

Lil Missy bags

Remember these prep works? When everyone else doing this bag for little misses and a teen, I thought I'll give it an adult look..hehehe
I love how this bag turns out..

The side pocket is perfect to put in a handphone. Originally I planned this bag for my camera (Still has to do the inner casing before I can put my camera in).
Finally figured out how to put in the turnlock..

Townhall activities

Preparing door gifts and lucky draws for office townhall. Dates and some fruits.

Birthday Angah & Ayah

Ni citer bulan Julai sepatutnya. Sibuk sangat nak upload gambar pun tak sempat. Mokwe tak perasan birthday Angah tapi sempat lagi la ucap 'Happy birthday' kat dia. Lepas tu baru perasan rupanya dia dah letak wishlist kat tepi tu..
Ni dia..banyak tu wishes dia..jadi tengahari tu Mokwe teman kan kawan berniaga kat carnival. Ada demo mesin jahit jugak, jadi Mokwe tumpang la sulam kain, jahit dan siapkan beg kecil tuk Angah aritu jugak. Malam tu sempat order satay jugak sebab Aki nk makan satay.

Ni hadiah Angah. Tu Adik saje tumpangkan Toy Story dia..dia duk tengah bodek Mokwe tengok Toy Story 3.

Selain beg dari Rozita Abd Aziz, Angah nk Tropicana Twister tu. Teddy bear dia nk jugak, dapat sulam jer la..hehehe. Ayam ketul tukar ngan satay ayam jer.
Malam tu birthday Ayah jugak jadi celebrate sekali la..
Ni kek Angah.

Ni hadiah dari Anis..

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 3- Snorkeling in Sipadan

The jetty that before this you only see in TV.. Quoted from a Google search..
The very famous late French undersea explorer and filmmaker Jacques-Yves Cousteau once remarked about Sipadan ISland "I've seen other places like Sipadan 45 years ago. Now we have found again an untouched piece of art." And that was many years ago and today Sipadan is still an arguably the top dive destination in the world.

Register at the post..

Two turtles making out in the distance..hehehe
Jack fish anyone? Whole schools of em'..
See the turtle there?
Bit blurred image of a humpback fish..
Schools of barracuda in the distance..

Goodbye, Sipadan. Till next time...
View taken from the boat..
One for a group photo..
Catching up with a fishermen's boat on the way back..with a 200 lb tuna fish! There are more larger ones underneath the makeshift 'fridge'..They use only a big hook and a reel of strong fishing line..