Sunday, May 31, 2015

Lunch on the go

In an hour break for lunch and solat, it's just easier to bring something from home no matter how simple the cooking is. And I finally have reason to use this thermal lunch container. Not that good when it comes to keeping the food warm. Maybe I should make a thermal bag/carrier for it...

Would love to own a Zojirushi Mr Bento or Classic Bento...

A favorite meal for lunch

Nasi pulut (glutinous rice) with grated coconut seasoned with salt and sugar, cabbage kimchi and fried salted terubuk with squeeze of lemon. A balance of tastes....

The Usana bottle is where I put in my pm supplements.

Peach domuts

Aren't these cute? The peaches are exactly like the name..donuts.  Instead of round, these are flatter.

Cream cheese dip with fresh dill

Ever since I work in the supermarket, I found myself wanting to try out recipes. Not just any recipes but those that includes herbs or veggies that I have never eat before.

This recipe I got from a friend. Dill is a herb I have never known before but somehow the taste is so familiar. It taste great with this cream cheese dip. Just mix in cream cheese, garlic powder and chopped fresh dill.
I love it with Lay's Salt and Vinegar. The extreme 3 tastes combined so well together. I would put a bit of sugar and some lemon for other chips.
The leftover makes a great spread for bread too.