Sunday, June 27, 2010

Kenyir Part 3

Day 3, we decided to depart early for Saok Waterfalls on the way back to Pengakalan Gawi. Meanwhile breakfast was being cooked..
Baung for lunch! (Masak asam pedas!)
Cleaning the fishes..

Enjoying morning views of Tasik Kenyir..

Trying to catch the morning sunlight..somehow it failed!

Fishes were all cleaned up..

And then fried..

For the best lunch of..sweet and sour fish!

Tevez reading up Kenyir's map..and we were heading home already!

Having fun at the waterfalls..

Kenyir Part 2

Day 2 was spent on the house boat in Sg Trenggan. The place was quite packed with other houseboats with serious fishermen (you would know that when you don't see kids on the boat). The area is quite famously known as "Lubuk Lampan".

Featured story: The making of a serious fisherman..first catch in picture!

But first..a little fun bathing at nearby stream..a boat ride away.

Even at the scene, you can still catch a few..

Tevez decided not to swim along, so as we reached back at the house boat, he proudly shown what he had catched.

Tevez's brother preparing his hook..

Full of concentration..

Tevez's other is not his kind of things..

See what a little patience gives you! A fish caught all by himself..

A fellow fisherman in action..

More fishing..

Tevez's elder brother must had thought that wearing your shirt inside out has more lucks! hahaha..

The catch of the day..

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Kenyir - Part 1

At Pengkalan Gawi, overlooking Lake Kenyir before setting out to Sg Cacing. The trip took 4-5 hours. So meanwhile,

prepare your fishing rods..
Cooked your lunch..squids.Got yourself occupied...
Entertained yourselves..snakes and ladders, anyone?
Know these fishes? 3 Belida in 1 small tank at the Kelah Sanctuary park office.

And walked to Kelah Sanctuary. Trekking took about 45 minutes..less if you have longer legs..hehehe
Feeding the fishes first..then see if you can pet them..
After a short swim with the kelah, it was time to trek back to the house boat.
On the way to our spot for the night..

The rods are ready..
When you are outdoors, you can 't run from all these Crocs!

May trip in TGG

After the wedding, we done a little bit of sightseeing to the Crystal Mosque. One of the stalls nearby sold this malt drink from Iran..non alchoholic of course. But you may tripped yourself if you are not looking properly. The mosque was packed with visitors and the day was hot and the sun was blinding to the eyes...

That night we stayed in Kuala Berang before taking the boat to Kenyir the next day. Took the chance to visit the nearby memorial of Batu Bersurat.

Dropped hearts..a wedding gift.

A group of us collected some money for a friend's wedding. Decided to buy some Jusco vouchers so that the couple can buy something of their own choice. Needed something to put the vouchers in and this is the album slipcover done in about 2 hours!

Raw-edged appliques using locally bought cotton, mixed cotton and felt. The initials on the felt hearts are done free-hand.
The design is inspired by an album sold in Jusco. The embroidered cover is done in some leather like material sold for about RM60.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


I don't wear handbags much (I wear backpack, across body/sling bag or wear-over-your-arm bag most of the time so that I have my hands free..), but that doesn't stopped me from loving them. I definitely love making them!

Check out this article on 50 signature bags in LA Times. See which are your favorites. I love bags based on their shapes rather than designer labels though I am a big fan of Coach! Among my favs from the list are LV Graffiti Neverfull Bag, Burberry Plaid Tote and Chanel Quilted 2.55 Bag. Not that I can afford them but I can make a similar one, right?

It would be interesting to check the bags' histories. This is an article on short history of Chanel 2.55 bag.
For tips on choosing the right bags for your body types/shapes, click here.