Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Moon Cake Time

It's Chinese Mid Autumn Festival. Time for the moon cake and its beautiful container/box. Perfect for storing threads.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The minions are back!

Still haven't got the time to see them in the movie yet..

Lego Batman

One of the hardest design to embroider. The thread keeps breaking because of the dense stitchings.
The mother wanted his son to remember the trip to Legoland where he wanted to buy a Batman Lego set. Of course, it's too expensive. I sent the package with an accompanying Lego-like Batman set.

Hello kitty

I love the fonts..

Ben 10

Kid design..

Paint drops

One of my favorite embroidery designs. I can't remember the paint brush-like font. Downloaded from the internet.

All in the family

Thank you, Tie

Boh-tea-full gift basket

For an afternoon tea event. They bought a set of mugs for a new studio opening. I thought that tea drink mix sachets would be good to accompany the mugs. Others include sugar cubes, plastic spoons and hand towels.

For the football fans.

I wonder how the little brother stands out to his elder brothers when it comes to a match..2 against 1.
But they are all in a family..

Ganu kite..

I used Terengganu batik fabric for the appliques.

Reunion door gift

Thank you for your order.

My watergarden..

Missed working on this..

Teacher's Day

For a friend's school club.

For the new princess

I shrinked out the 4x4 inch design. Hope it will last. The outline embroidery was shorter. They might not keep the appkique intact for long. Lesson learnt.

Sorry, little cousin Zara..

Welcome to the club!

Towel gift for baby. M-I-C-K-E-Y...

New towels - baby/toddler size

Of course, need to test out first, so he's the lucky recipient..

Sport Varsity Numbers

She plays volleyball at school.

Batman nametag

A birthday gift created out of 2 separate embroidery designs.

Towel set for wedding gift

Monogram of their initials.

Elephant themed baby basket

This was the initial setting for the elephant theme baby basket. Love those elephant softies. I used minky fabric for the ears.
Ready for delivery.

Test towel

Just a test embroidery on an order for a baby blanket. This one comes with an accompanying elephant softie. Next to it, another test for reunion towel orders. Need to work on the thread tension.

Kuching pics

This one was entitled "what's for lunch?". We had a photo contest posted and shared with our WA group.
It was raining and the bus ride to lunch venue was delayed..

You surely got hungry after watching the crocodiles being fed...haha

This became my phone home screen photo for quite a while..


This is my favorite pic from the trip to Kuching's crocodiles farm last April.
No wonder why they said that crocodiles are descendant animals from prehistoric times.
The pond was covered with a thin gauze-like fabric. I like how it was reflected in the water adds to the mysteriousness of the beast.

Banana yogurt drink

Banana, yogurt, milk blended together. Missing out ground cardamon powder. Could not find it at the store..
I put in some sugar for a sweeter taste. Good enough to break fast with while waiting for full dinner.

Stock take

One of the reasons to do a stock take event is to know if a product is selling ot not?
When it comes to us humans, as our age increases, what does it take to stock-take ourselves?

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Best seller?


 I was at the biscuits aisle when somebody grabbed this biscuit pack..saw that it's almost sold out, down to the last 3.  That was yesterday..
Since I am travelling tomorrow, I decided to buy it for snack time. I got the last pack. And I also bought this one below..reminded me of the biscuits in the old days....(anyone seen golden biscuits shaped like a chicken but melt in your mouth..tastes like kueh bangkit)..

Btw both biscuits are good! The fact that they are individual packs ensure that they are still fresh and cracky once the package is opened.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Kit kat promotion

I absolutely love Kit Kat promotion at the supermarket. The gifts that come with it are lovely and of good quality. Ones that you can use for a long time....unless you broke it, of course.
Just got this container today. The size is nice for bento lunches. Dry bento the lid is not that airtight. 

The last promo came with stackable containers, one of them has divided compartment but the size is bigger. Didn't get that one.

I got these mugs instead. Love the rose designs. I love that these are heavier mugs than the ones that I bought before. Couldn't get the other 2 designs. Waited too long and the free gifts gone..lesson learned.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Creamy, golden and yummy

Who doesn't love caramel...

Ramadhan is coming

It's a date!...or I should say dates..