Wednesday, December 07, 2005

what will this be?

well, i am writing this after watching the amazing race family edition on axn. so i guess that this will be a place for some of my favorites on tv.. the csi miami is on right now, but i am not really concentrating. it does get a bit boring nowadays watching this season's csi miami. in anyway, i like grissom and mac more than i like mr h! lol!

on this amazing race 8..i would love to see the bransen wins! but then, the linz looks like the stronger one to win..well we'll see next week. let's hope i do not forget to tune in..

this will also be the place of my pages, my needleworks, and maybe some scrapbook pages..oh! let's not forget my books too!

hah! csi is's a repeat but it still beats all the other csi..


~Harsha~ said...

Welcome to blogging Roz! :)

junesctung said...

Roz, have fun blogging. Its like having another baby to look after, lol.

whitecalla said...

" a place of my own.." I thot u moved to a new home...LOL.....Happy blogging

~ Lillie