Monday, October 19, 2009


Don't ask me what's wrong. Everything in life is basically the same but I found myself not stitching at all. Would rather pick up a book. Occasionally I would stitch MP's cottage WIP if I have that with me during my holidays (balik kampun or otherwise). I'll post the progress later.

However, I did make some good progress on my sewing/quilting skills. I sort of promised myself that this year i'll make some time to learn creative sewing and quilting. And I did! More pictures and stories later.

So I welcome you to my newly 'painted' blog. Decide to make it as simple as possible. You know..just like paint display out your finished creativities, you need a blank (almost white or lighter color) wall. And I also decide to make my blog dual language. It has been a long time since I had written in Malay. I think my last entries in Malay were during our reports on Berita MAS for Kem Penyanyang or something.

Selamat datang ke blog lama yg dibaru kan. Ye la, nak jemput tetamu baru kene la ada bende yg baru yg nk ditayangkan? Paling kurang pun kalau orang datang rumah, air bujang kene ada yg baru dibuat. Nantikan kemaskini dgn hasil jahitan yg baru belajar dan baru disiapkan.

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Azie said...

Welcome back Roz to blogging world.. would lurve to keep updated of your creative craft progress..