Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Prep works

Homework for another bag on Saturday. I love the collection of these prints! This one is by Keiko Geko for Yuwa Fabric titled Three Squares. Made in Japan. Use each of the square parts, so the bag will have different square sizes on the front, bag and sides.
Do you think the cotton tape matches with the fabric? Or should I use black instead?
This is another print from the same collection. It reminds me of Macintosh Roses! This one is made into a backpack, still WIP. Only need to combine the outer and inner bag together.


Anic said...

I think it looks matching and feel that it is better than black. :)

Rozita said...

Thanks for the comment, Anic.

Finally decided on black. Mainly because I could not find an adjuster/alider for that 3/4 inch cotton tape. Will post final pics later.