Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 2 - Kapalai

Our room may not have a jacuzzi but ours are facing to the sea. Imagine waking up to this beautiful sunrise!

Early morning activities at Mabul island. The fishermen were all out fishing already.

As part of our accomodation package, we got a free boat ride to any of the surrounding islands. So we chose Kapalai Island. Our original plan was to stay there but we were too late in booking.

Kapalai Island is more like a sandbank actually which can be seen on the other side of this island on low tide. This resort comprises the whole island itself. You will need permission to get onboard but we were there to do snorkeling only. More fishes to see! At one point, I saw a small ray passing by!
After lunch, 5 of us get to experience ourselves diving. For about RM200, we booked ourselves to the Discovery Scuba Diving course. We got to dive out to about 5m underwater. Imagine seeing a curtain of yellow fishes right in front of your eyes! Once you overcame your fear of being underwater, it was a very nice experience! But I still haven't got the hang of controlling my bouyancy yet! Hahaha.

That evening before dinner, we took another boat ride going around Mabul Island. We even got to visit one of the Bajau Laut's (Sea dayaks that lived in those boats) families. The sunset was not very good that day as it was cloudy.

This is Mabul island from distance. Mabul is the largest of the 3 nearby islands.

What used to be an oil drilling plant, now converted to a sea diving center with a live band every night.

These people were preparing for a night dive..

Calmful view of early night life at a fishing village.

SWV at night. These are the rooms that face out to the sea.

Every day there will be groups that went diving in Sipadan. A videographer will accompany one of those groups and filmed their diving activities. During the night after dinner, everyone is invited to the video session. Awesome videos! Make you wished that you know how to to scuba dive! Imagine swimming along with this turtle.

At Sipadan's Barracuda point, you will get to see these swirling barracudas!
The good news that night was that we managed to get a snorkeling trip to Sipadan on the next day! Yes, the whole of our group! (We heard some news that they were others who had to wait for 4 days to be slotted in for a trip there!).

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