Monday, March 21, 2011

DIY Sewing/Studio

Need a place to store all my stash and books, so decided to turn one of the rooms to be a sewing space/studio. Managed only to set up the high table (for cutting etc). It is actually part of a built-in cabinet thrown away by my brother's neighbor and supported by a cluster of cheap storage selves. This side is for books and magazines.

Other side for fabrics and storage boxes.
-Still need to buy a sewing table with adjustable legs.
-Put in the fan.
-Bring in the ironing board
-Still thinking if a single bed can be brought in. But then also need a space for my Jazz practice with a wall of mirrors.

I had since bought a high chair from Ikea. And had use this room as office whenever I have to work from home.


Leena Salleh said...

Well, that is for a start Roz! Looking good to go go go! :) I am dreaming of my extension work completed and move my stuff in the guest room to the back and have that room transformed into a sewing cum guest bedroom....

Post more updates yeh!

a.niza said...

well would love to see sewing productions pulak tau...