Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Building up a watergarden

It started one day last year when my next door neighbor renovated his house. It was during the fasting month and I had so much time to stitch as I didn't opt to teach my Jazzercise class during fasting much.
I can't yet afford to renovate my house, so I thought I build something on my own instead...

Started this in 2003. Here's the earliest picture that I can find. After 11 hours of stitching date 3rd August.

Next progress was dated on 14th January 2006. After a while, I must thought it wasn't worth it to track the hours of stitching any more. LOL!

And last year 2012, it started to roll... I would stitch on this every once in a while if I had time to spare. Exclusively.. this was dated 29th August 2012.

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