Monday, December 04, 2006

Where's the pictures?

While I'm here, I might as well write something.

I have loads of pictures to share, but have been very lazy to be online at home nowadays. I could probably do updating in the office but work time is too precious to do that. In any way, I always forget to bring along my card reader to upload those pictures in. (Sometimes I do bring along my compact camera along whenever I go).

My mini challenge is going along fine. I could not find the time to do the various 5 (5 ...'s, 5 Minis, 5 tattings) as I originally planned but at least there're something finished. In anyway, I still have one more exchange to finish before end of year. Need to clear that off first.

On the TV most favorite TV to watch right now is Project Runaway on Channel 11. So brilliant! This year's participants are some of the best designers so far. Sometimes I even skip my fav series like Amazing Race, Hallmark's Midsomer Murders just so I can watch that series. (I would tape that other series and watch later). Wish I can afford an Astro Max!

Place I went to..Been to Arau visiting my sister. While I was these, I joined in her group of friends for a beading class at the local community college. We visited Padang Besar. I thought I am way beyond temptation at that shopping place. I'd been there before many times, but still couldn't resist looking at all those nick-nacks and wearables etc. Managed to control myself over other things but I did went crazy over the brooches. Hahaha..Won't tell you how much I did spent on them. Like I dont have many brooches at home...

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