Friday, January 13, 2006

Fire at works!

Nope, I missed the ones they had on New Year's Eve. Had to settle problem calls and I had to cancel my plans to see one on display. Hope to get a better schedule in August. I would love to take lots of pictures of KLCC with fireworks in the background. I have a few places in mind of where I want to take them..Am aiming for 31st August!'s worth celebrating your birthday on the same day..heheh

The other night, a friend smsed me. He said my pictures of Jerangkang Waterfalls are worth getting into photo competitions! Isn't that a very nice thing to hear? Hehehe..Wait till I saved up some $$$ and get myself some telephoto and macro lenses (and maybe a wide/panorama lens too). One of the reasons why I picked up Canon Powershot A520. I wouldn't want to get into another expensive hobby, so a point-and-shoot is the next better alternative.

Picture courtesy from Internet.

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