Tuesday, January 03, 2006

At full moon..

For the Malays, there is this event they called 'aqiqah' where a sheep was slaughtered, cooked and served to neighbors and friends to celebrate the birth of a child. For the Chinese, they have this full moon meals given away when the baby is a month old (I guess). This is the first time I came across the event. It's for my big boss's daughter. The meal consists of glutinous rice cooked with soy sauce and mushroom, some pickled ginger, roasted chicken, 2 red-colored boiled eggs (the Chinese loves red), some desserts that made of glutinous flour with bean paste inside and a cupcake. Now I am wondering what the Indians do for the birth of their child? Recently, I came to realise also that for the Chinese, an English name tdoesn't means that you celebrate Xmas!
In another thoughts, I love trying new cuisines (as long as it's halal) and for some, they cant even stand the thought of eating it!

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