Saturday, January 14, 2006

2005 Report card

Had uploaded some pictures of finishes in 2005. Some pictures are still not there. Too lazy! In anyway, 2005 was not a good stitching year for me. I still have some of my stash in boxes and they are unorganized at my new home. The earlier reason of not stitching was because of no proper place to sit and stitch! LOL! In a way, it was true. I had to crank up my head to watch the TV while stitching on the floor.

2006..i intend to have a stitching corner for myself and buy shelves for my books and my stash. Maybe more framings done for some of the old finishes. I also had reorganized the albums. WIPs are to be featured here in my blog. I will keep the albums for those that I had finished. Am thinking of doing more exchanges too. Had missed receiving things in my mailbox. To learn more finishing techniques too!

Check this link for pictures.

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