Friday, August 04, 2006

School holidays

I love school holidays. Love seeing happy faces of my nieces and nephews when we are going places. They, of course, love it. Me, well... guess who got to do the paying! Hahaha..
The first weekend, we went to PD. Jammed up the whole of my bro's family and the maid and my sis from Perlis and her daughter, Nabila in an apartment with one bedroom.

The second weekend, my other sis's family came down to KL with my father. The cousins get to meet again. THis picture was taken before we went out to KLCC and Aquaria.

What a way to spend the day? At the same time, there was a Popular Book Fair going on at the KLConvention Center. We went there the day after PD trip. As part of the book cum entrance ticket, there was a bookmark with some discount for Aquaria entrance. As we had to queue up to go inside, the maid and I would stopped anyone on the way back from the book fair asking for that discounted bookmarks! was fun! Feel like doing the begging part from Amazing Race. Well, we did accumulated a lot. A saving of RM40 for our 4 families despite having to queue for nearly 2 hours!

Aquaria is amazing! Unfortunately, my camera went out of battery. Forgot to bring the spares. Well, there will be other time. inshaaAllah.

Isn't this baby turtle cute? Amir loves it. Definitely it's Amir's day out.

Saying hello in KLCC Park while the others playing in the waterpark.

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