Thursday, August 10, 2006

WIPpin' it out 11Aug

I am sharing my current WIP of Michael Powell's Village Scene. Been focusing on it for 8 hours and I started to feel burnt out already. One of the reason why I couldn't stick to hourly rotation. I had planned that I would stop once I stitched one third of it..Managed only half of the one third.

I think it's because of you couldn't really see what you are stitching. MP uses lots of backstitches and long stitches for outlines. Long stitches, as opposed to backstitches, are not recommended to do until you have finished all your cross stitches.

What do you do when you feel burnt out of a project? You start a new one! LOL! Taking a break by gridding another scenery-to-be project. Yeay! It feels good... I planned to take out my DT Sanctuary sampler but too lazy to set up the stitching workstation (the stand, magnifier, lighting and all).

If you notice the colorful grids, that's because I use leftover threads from finished projects. :-)

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