Sunday, June 27, 2010

Kenyir Part 2

Day 2 was spent on the house boat in Sg Trenggan. The place was quite packed with other houseboats with serious fishermen (you would know that when you don't see kids on the boat). The area is quite famously known as "Lubuk Lampan".

Featured story: The making of a serious fisherman..first catch in picture!

But first..a little fun bathing at nearby stream..a boat ride away.

Even at the scene, you can still catch a few..

Tevez decided not to swim along, so as we reached back at the house boat, he proudly shown what he had catched.

Tevez's brother preparing his hook..

Full of concentration..

Tevez's other is not his kind of things..

See what a little patience gives you! A fish caught all by himself..

A fellow fisherman in action..

More fishing..

Tevez's elder brother must had thought that wearing your shirt inside out has more lucks! hahaha..

The catch of the day..

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