Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Kenyir - Part 1

At Pengkalan Gawi, overlooking Lake Kenyir before setting out to Sg Cacing. The trip took 4-5 hours. So meanwhile,

prepare your fishing rods..
Cooked your lunch..squids.Got yourself occupied...
Entertained yourselves..snakes and ladders, anyone?
Know these fishes? 3 Belida in 1 small tank at the Kelah Sanctuary park office.

And walked to Kelah Sanctuary. Trekking took about 45 minutes..less if you have longer legs..hehehe
Feeding the fishes first..then see if you can pet them..
After a short swim with the kelah, it was time to trek back to the house boat.
On the way to our spot for the night..

The rods are ready..
When you are outdoors, you can 't run from all these Crocs!

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