Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Desperate measures!

I badly needed an id case. My old plastic ones are fit for the trash already!

My first attempt. Should have known better the plastic doesn't like pressure..hard time trying to turn this inside out! LOL!

A better alternative but can do next one would do for the time being. Hehehe

A back compartment for easy-to-retrieve access card or LRT ticket etc. I put in a snap button to hold them all in. In case one decide to go down a toilet again! LOL! (My last access card did that after 20 years of usage. Cost me RM30 to get it replaced!).

Inside I can put my keys in..the lining is still not OK. Have to come up with a better idea.

The zip has special ring puller. Easily attached to a lanyard.

1 comment:

rizauddin said...

....boleh tolong buat stoking pacat tak..? buat banyak 2 kat kawan2 semua..