Sunday, June 20, 2010


I don't wear handbags much (I wear backpack, across body/sling bag or wear-over-your-arm bag most of the time so that I have my hands free..), but that doesn't stopped me from loving them. I definitely love making them!

Check out this article on 50 signature bags in LA Times. See which are your favorites. I love bags based on their shapes rather than designer labels though I am a big fan of Coach! Among my favs from the list are LV Graffiti Neverfull Bag, Burberry Plaid Tote and Chanel Quilted 2.55 Bag. Not that I can afford them but I can make a similar one, right?

It would be interesting to check the bags' histories. This is an article on short history of Chanel 2.55 bag.
For tips on choosing the right bags for your body types/shapes, click here.

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Hanim said...

Interesting info.
Bags,..yeah how we love them,..ehh..very very much.:)