Tuesday, December 22, 2009

12 Days of Fitness - Dec09

12 Days of Fitness - Dec09
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Personal Wellness - Dec

Body weight - up by almost 2 kg! Yikes...
Body fat - up by 0.3..see above
Water index - less by 0.3..not good ni
Muscle Index - up by 0.7
Physical Rating - 3 (solidly built) Down by 3..
Calorie - up..more muscles the more calorie you need, that means your metabolic rate is actually higher (according to my teacher la)
Metabolic age - same as last month (phewww!..lucky me...)
Bone Mass 2.6 - same as last month (sad to hear that a friend died of joint cancer last night..)
Visceral Fat - 8, up by 1..not good ni..

Let's see what I had been doing wrong in December.

-10 classes..mostly in early days of the week as I had been travelling to TGG during the mid-month weekends.
(classes not consistent).
-Been having too many nasi dagang, nasi kerabu and nasi ulam kuah singgang during those travel days! Yikes..no wonder all the weight gained. I hadn't mentioned about the 2 prosperity burgers in a week! Double yikes!!
-When you are out of your comfort zone, you tend to forgot to drink more water..
-Lack of good, restful sleep
-Eating habit changed. When you eat while you are hungry, you tend to eat more..

You see, I put myself on the scale before class began. You can imagine what will happen if I weighted myself after class like usual as we had a Xmas/year end party last night at the studio. LOL!

Time to catch up in January..

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