Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Year-end Celebrations

Happy Holidays 2009
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The office held a year-end bowling party. 'Bowling with a twist'.
Not your usual bowling competition, but our team won 4th placing. Each member got 2 rm5 McD vouchers (thus the 2 prosperity burgers in my last post, hahaha).

Jazzercise studio had a Xmas/year end party last night too. As well as to celebrate Christina's birthday. Though not many turned up but we had a good time anyway. Talking and eating..to compensate that night class's worth of sweat. LOL! Time for gifts and prizes.

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My goodies of the night..a 2009 FitClub tshirt (80 classes achieved), a Jazzercise towel (minimum 6 classes in Dec), a tag holder (Q&A), a manicure set (7 or more classes)

The birthday cake
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The birthday cake..from this

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to this much..

Elisha's 1st xmas
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Luckily, she slept on..while we talked and talked and ate..

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