Monday, December 07, 2009

Personal Wellness Chart

Just want to share my personal wellness chart measured at beginning of this month.

Oct / Nov
Body Fat Range 36.4 / 35.7
Water Index 46.5 / 47.1
Muscle Index 39.5 / 40.2
Physique Rating 2 / 6
Calorie 1262 / 1283
Bone Mass 2.5 / 2.6
Visceral Fat 7 / 7

My body weight is still about the same as I had only been to my Jazzercise classes about 6 times in Oct (after puasa month) and 4 times in Nov due to my vacations. But my metabolic age is down by 2 years. (Don't know if I see this wrongly). See how the chart measures when your water index increases! So drink lots of water! And exercise, of course..

Here's the ideal charts...I still have a long way to go.

Body Fat Range (for my age) - healthy 25.6
Water Index 50-55%
Physique Rating 6 - normal; excellent (7-9)
Bone mass - women (50-75kg) 2.4
Visceral Fat (5-9) healthy; (1-4) excellent.

Body fat range: THis range is measured against a minimum training from 10 hours a week. Women 11-18% (So I am still OK if measured 18% less..hehe)

Muscle index: For every extra KG of muscle gained the body uses approximately 100 extra calories a day. Everybody who experiences a change in the muscle mass should monitor and adapt the calorie intake accordingly.

Physique rating: Offers the opportunity to set a desired physique rating to tailor your healthy/fitness programme accordingly. When a person increases their activity, their weight may not change but their balance of body fat and muscle may alter which will change the overall physique or body shape.

BMR: The number of calories the body needs when at rest. Understanding BMR will allow you to monitor the number of calories your body requires according to your physique and lifestyle. The more muscle or general activity you take the more calories you require. BMR decreases as the body ages.

Metabolic Age Rating: BMR starts to decrease after the age of 16/17 years old. Your Metabolic Age rating indicates at what age level your body is currently rated at. If the age is indicated higher than your actual age then you need to improve your BMR. Increasing exercise levels will build healthier muscle tissue which burn more calories, consequently improving your metabolic age rating.

Visceral Fat: Fat that surrounds the vital organs in the trunk/stomach area of the body. High visceral fat levels increases the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Lowering your visceral fat levels can stabilise insulin action substantially, reducing your risk of diabetes and other related illnesses.

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