Friday, December 04, 2009

How true..

Found this on the internet..

There is this saying that women are better photographers than men because they just go out there and shoot with the camera instead of talking endlessly about shooting, and the equipment used for the job...

My opinion on this? Know your camera no matter what you use. Know how far you can take it, and how to take advantage of it's features. The camera doesn't make you a pro and the way you shoot don't make you one either.

The fact that photography brings the bread and butter on your table is what makes you a professional photographer. The results are what makes you a good or bad professional photographer. What you use for equipment, or how you use it, is very secondary to making you a pro.

Conclusion? I haven't even mastered yet the manual function of my own compact camera, so a DSLR would have to wait..but it's getting there..Maybe I should just buy the macro lens attachment to my camera?

But then again my friend said if you haven't got yourself a DSLR, how would you know how to use it? Hmmm..

Sajer je ngomel pasal impian nak beli camera SLR digital..

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